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We can say that tree trimming is one of the most neglected tree maintenance services. What property owners fail to see is that trimming is integral in keeping the health and aesthetic of a tree in check. There are hundreds of large trees in Brockton that would benefit from professional tree trimming. They are trees that have large branches that hang over roofs and driveways. Without proper trimming, your tree can become hazardous to pedestrians, your property, and your family. Sycamore Tree Service provides premier tree trimming services intending to keep every tree in Brockton healthy and beautiful. You will not be disappointed with our service because we make sure to hire only the most qualified arborists to perform tree trimming and other tree care services. If left unaddressed, large branches can fall on your property causing extreme damage or injury. Call us now if you have dead branches that need to be trimmed away or if there are limbs in your tree that started to become an obstruction to your view. You should also consider trimming if you notice your tree has grown too close to a utility line. We will give you a free, no-obligation quote for our tree trimming services. Call us now!

Why Trim Trees?

Trees need to be trimmed for several reasons including, health, aesthetics, safety, and directing growth. This is true for all tree species and can be beneficial for them on many levels. Note that improper tree trimming can defeat its purpose and even have an adverse effect on the tree. 

It can be challenging to diagnose the health of a tree if you are not trained for it. In some cases, dead or damaged limbs cannot be too obvious, so you will not suspect them to have issues. This is the reason why some problematic trees don’t get diagnosed and don’t get the right treatment they need to recover from their disease. Unhealthy branches can be host to hazardous organisms and pests. On top of that, thick foliage can hinder airflow and prevent light from penetrating through other branches. Airflow and sunlight are significant in the tree’s food production. Without them, the tree can eventually decline. 

Your tree is also at risk if it’s planted near bodies of water like trenches. It can lead to weak roots and prevent the much-needed nutrients from getting into other branches. Sprouts and suckers can grow at the base of the tree, which can lead to the compromised structural integrity of your tree. 

Proper trimming can eliminate the risk of your tree, having structural issues. Correct trimming can prevent safety issues from taking place. With proper trimming, you can avoid potential damage in case a storm hits. 

    You can direct the growth of your tree with proper trimming and prevent it from looking unkempt. Trimming can enhance growth in sparse areas and improve future growth. If your tree is too dense, pruning can correct it and improve weight distribution throughout the tree.

    When to Hire a Tree Trimmer

    The question as to when it’s best to trim a tree is crucial to its result. Some concerns need immediate attention, especially if it involves dead limbs and power lines. If you notice dead branches in your tree, don’t wait for the right season to do it. Call a professional tree trimmer to get the job done right away. Decaying branches can be assessed quickly, but some signs can only be diagnosed by a professional, so it is crucial to get assistance. Make sure to contact a certified arborist to inspect your tree before and after a storm hits to evaluate its structural integrity. 

    Some trees produce sap if pruned in early spring or late winter. The best time to prune a tree is during its dormant period. Avoid trimming your trees during extreme cold or extreme hot temperatures because they will not have enough time to recover from the cut.

    Call For a Tree Trimming Quote

    We cannot give you exactly how much it costs to trim a tree until we have seen it in person. There are factors to consider, including their size, age, and accessibility. But, hiring a professional tree service is a more practical option than renting trimming equipment and doing it your own. Save yourself from the hassle of DIY trimming by calling us today. You will be surprised with how affordable our tree trimming service is and the quality of its result.

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