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​It’s not easy to decide to remove a tree that has been with you for a long time. Some homeowners find it hard to decide whether to have it removed or allow it to die where it’s planted. We understand your dilemma, which is why we want you to have an informed decision, especially regarding the cost of the service. There are different significant variables that tree services consider when it comes to determining the cost. It typically includes the size and species of the tree, as well as its accessibility.

Deciding to Remove a Tree

Keeping a dead tree in your yard can come with many disadvantages. It can become a refuge for unwanted pests and hazardous insects. To top it all, it can topple over anytime. Consider the following factors when deciding to eliminate a tree in your backyard:

Species of Tree

Does your tree belong to a species that is known for being hardy, or does it easily break? Do the roots grow deep into the ground, or does it have shallow roots? These questions can help you decide whether a tree is worth saving or not. 

The following species have shallow roots that can put your property in danger. These species produce large amounts of debris and are prone to constant breakage:

  • Box Elder
  • Tree of Heaven
  • Siberian Elm
  • Poplars
  • Mulberry
  • Mimosa
  • Willows
  • Norway Maple

These species can get easily infected with diseases and pests infestation. Some of the trees on the list are even known to be invasive and destructive to nearby plants.

    The Health of the Tree

    If your tree is diagnosed to be more than fifty percent healthy, there is a big chance for it to recover its health. With proper pruning or trimming, it can bring back the beauty and health of your tree. But, if more than fifty percent of it is damaged, then tree removal is inevitable. 

    Look for signs of dead branches, cracks in its trunk, or the tree is hollow. These are clear signs of an unhealthy tree, and it means your tree needs immediate removal. Don’t put yourself and property at risk and have these trees removed by a professional.

    Safety Risk

    Hazardous trees can be identified if you take a step back and look at the tree in question. While inspecting the tree, ask yourself the following questions: 

    • Is it lopsided?
    • Are there drooping branches?
    • Are there multiple cracks in the main branches?
    • Does the trunk have hollow parts?
    • Do you see any signs of fungus growth near the base?
    • Has there been recent trench digging near the trunk?

    If any of these signs are present in your tree, it means that it has become a risk to you and your family. Drooping branches, cracks, and hollows in the trunk are sure signs that the tree’s weight is not evenly distributed. If not removed, the chance of your tree getting uprooted or falling increases. This is why issues like these should be addressed immediately before they get out of hand.

    Having Your Tree Removed

    If you are confident that your tree requires removal, contact Sycamore Tree Service Brockton. We have certified arborists who can handle all kinds of tree removal. We can do it safely and efficiently, at a price you can afford. We can guarantee quick response and quality results all the time.

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