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Emergency Tree Service

Sycamore Tree Service know the urgency that comes with emergency tree services. We are here to assist you in any emergency situation. Storm-damage affecting trees, causing trees to fall, or damaging your property is an issue that needs to be addressed immediately. Hazardous trees are another issue that requires immediate servicing.

When to Call for Emergency Tree Service

We have no control over natural disasters and storms. These natural occurrences can have a detrimental effect on trees that can lead to death. Your tree can be vulnerable to falling and getting uprooted in the face of an intense storm. High winds and uneven weight distribution can cause your tree to lean towards one side and fall anytime. If your tree gets hit by lightning, it can get splintered wood and bark exploding. Heavy rains can lead to loose soil that can compromise the soundness of its structure. Emergencies like these require immediate attention to prevent them from getting worse.


It is best to start early with trees when it comes to preventive measures. With proper pruning and trimming at an early age, you can improve the tree’s health and keep the correct weight distribution. Further, it’s easy to detect diseases among young trees. You can easily detect root defects, diseases, and other damages in the tree’s branch and trunk in young trees. Sycamore Tree Service can help you detect and correct these defects as soon as we diagnose it. 

It can be more labor-intensive to take care of mature trees. Older trees may have gone through improper tree trimming that requires correction. With proper preventive measures, you can help correct the uneven weight distribution of your tree. It is important to get the service of a certified arborist to ensure that your tree is getting the right care it needs. Proper pruning can give your tree a fighting chance against diseases, insect infestation, and storm damage.

When do I need professional help?

Here is a list of questions you need to ask yourself to determine whether professional intervention is required for your tree’s health: 

  • Are there very large branches in your tree?
  • Are there any heavily-dropping branches?
  • Are there any fallen branches from the tree?
  • Do your trees look sick or dying?
  • Are there growing mushrooms at the base of the tree?
  • Is there rotten wood in any of the major branches? 
  • Do you see any signs of splits where the trunk meets the major branches? 
  • Does your tree lean to one side?
  • Did you recently dug trenches or constructed a pathway near your tree? 

    These questions can help you determine whether your tree requires immediate tree service or not. If the answer to most of these questions is “yes” don’t waste time and get in touch with our certified arborists at once.

    Calling for Emergency Service

    We have a dedicated and passionate crew who is always ready to handle emergency tree situations. We understand the urgency of your concern, and we do our best to be there as soon as we can to provide exactly what you need. Rest assured that we will treat your concerns with the utmost care. 

    Contact us if an intense storm has hit you, and we will offer you our free and honest estimate. 

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